I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Pennsylvania and I use she/her/hers pronouns. My clinical approach in working with you is heavily informed by relational-cultural, social justice, feminist, systems and contextual theories which focus on the importance of a relationship being grounded in mutual respect, a sense of shared purpose, and movement toward clarity, growth, and possibility.   Central to this concept is the understanding that the self-of-the-therapist (one’s personal experiences, background, and social location) are always impacting the therapeutic relationship in explicit and implicit ways. My clinical training, professional experience, and education are only a few of the lense operating in our work together and my identities as a white, european/irish-american, queer, femme, cis woman, middle class from working class origins, first generation college educated, spiritually minded, able bodied, spouse, and parent are also playing a role in how I show up to our work together. I locate myself in our work so that you know who is in the room with you and I welcome exploration of how our social positions impact our therapeutic relationship.

With this orientation to healing, I do not approach our work together from the traditional medical model where problems addressed in therapy are viewed as pathology and the psychotherapist is positioned as the "expert."  I understand that you are the expert on your experience and my role is to help you explore the answers and manifest the changes that are within you.   My job is to offer you information, support, and tools based on my clinical knowledge that may be useful to you in finding answers and creating changes.  I am here to help you notice possible blind spots in your journey of uncovering because sometimes when we are too close to a situation, it's happening to us or is a part of our past, we need an extra pair of eyes and ears to help us sort it out and create meaning.  Sometimes we just need a supportive space to move through a difficult situation, face a hard truth, or let go of the old to invite something new, which takes courage and strength.  It is my deep privilege to be a part of your therapy journey and offer you a caring space to reflect, explore, and create meaningful change in your life.

I have a Master of Arts (MA) in Forensic Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Illinois, where I first obtained my LPC in 2004. I also have a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies from The Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.  I started my private practice in Philadelphia in 2011 and prior to that I enjoyed working in the following positions and organizations: EMDR Clinician (New Beginnings Program) and Individual/Group Psychotherapist at the Therapy Center of Philadelphia (formerly known as Women's Therapy Center); Life Resource Counselor at United Behavioral Health; Psychotherapist at the Children’s Crisis Treatment Center, Trauma Services Department; Psychotherapist at the Joseph J. Peters Institute, Child and Adolescent Program; and Group Psychotherapist at the Joseph J. Peters Institute, Adult Program.  My clinical work in IL included Director of Social Work Services at the Evanston Community Defender's Office and Clinician at Cognitive Behavioral Solutions Group Practice.  

In addition to my private practice, I am a Clinical Supervisor at the Therapy Center of Philadelphia, a nonprofit that is committed to striving toward racial and gender equity and offers affordable psychotherapy services from a feminist, relational, and intersectional frame.  In my position at TCP, I oversee the development of our group therapy program and provide individual and group supervision to staff psychotherapists, students, and interns exploring the impact of social location and self-of-the-therapist dynamics within the therapeutic and supervisory relationships.  I have also recently held positions as a Clinical Instructor at Drexel University and Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, where I taught courses related to group psychotherapy and group dynamics with a focus on the centrality of an experiential component to student learning.




To verify my license #PC005290 in PA visit: www.licensepa.state.pa.us

Practice update :

  • I am currently accepting new couples and/or non-dyadic relationships.

  • My long term process group is on a long pause and will resume in 2020.