We all have a powerful, kind, and wise center, but when we encounter painful life experiences it changes who we think we are and what we believe we deserve from others.  It changes how we experience the world around us and often times the ways in which we learn to cope and adapt create additional confusion in our lives. 

In my practice, I believe that our understanding of the world begins earliest in life and is heavily shaped by our relationships, family systems, communities, and how the social sphere interacts with us based on our race, culture, ethnicity, class, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, religion, etc.  As we navigate our social environment from this location, experiences of  oppression, trauma, marginalization, or "othering" based on who we are further isolate us and compound existing pain, anger, and fear.   

When we experience trauma, relationally or systemically based, our ability to feel safe and valued has been ruptured and our place in the world can feel uncertain, scary, dangerous, or hopeless.   Resolution from these painful experiences can seem impossible as we hold trauma not just in our mind but also in our body and spirit.  Our brain is now primed to protect us and will sound the alarm, signaling our nervous system to prepare us to fight, flight, freeze, submit, or cry out, depending on the situation.  These reactions take a toll over time on our physical health and emotional and spiritual wellbeing and can leave us feeling out of control and no longer operating in the here-and-now.

Healing can be especially difficult if you are experiencing ongoing trauma, whether it be a harmful romantic partner, a parent who continues to be verbally abusive, an exploitative work environment, or existing within an oppressive social system; finding a safe, supportive relationship is particularly critical at this point.

I approach working with you from a place of appreciation and respect for your courage and resilience. Together, we will honor the ways you have coped.  We will look at the larger systems of power that are in place and how this has played a role in your life, family, and relationships.  We will strive to help you establish both internal and external resources, pulling from the strengths and gifts of your experiences, enabling you to be more firmly grounded in joy, agency, trust, empowerment, hope, balance, and connection.

I work from a personal-growth model where my role is that of a partner in holistic healing.  From my own personal experience, therapy has been an ongoing voyage of uncovering and being curious, as we are ever evolving, and change and challenge are constants to the human experience.  When you find the right therapeutic relationship, whether it be for short term or longer term work, it can provide a path toward wholeness where you can reconnect to who you really are, who you have always been, and who you are in the process of becoming.