We all have a light inside of us, but when we experience pain or suffering it may change who we think we are and what we believe we deserve from others.  It may change how we experience the world around us.  Often times the ways that we have learned to cope with these experiences may have created additional confusion in our lives. 

Therapy is a journey toward increased awareness, acceptance, and love.  It is a journey toward wholeness that can help you reconnect to who you really are... who you have always been. 

In my practice, I believe that our understanding of the world begins earliest in life and we are heavily shaped by our relationships, family experiences, and social location with regard to our race, culture, class, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, etc.  As we navigate our social environment, we may experience oppression or marginalization based on who we are, which compounds existing negative beliefs we carry or creates new barriers to what is possible or our ability to feel safe in the world.

As we experience difficult events in our lives, we begin to notice how they stay with us.  Our ability to trust has been challenged and our place in the world can feel uncertain, scary, or hopeless.  Without resolution, these experiences from our past can continue to impact us in the present, as we hold trauma not just in our mind but also in our body and spirit.

I approach working with you from a place of appreciation for your courage and resilience. Together, we will honor the ways you have coped with the experiences that have brought you into therapy. We will move you into a place where you can approach life feeling fully connected to both your inner and outer world…experiencing greater joy, hope, and balance.

I work from a personal-growth model where my role is that of a partner in holistic healing, and therapy is a process that can advance, enrich, and transform your overall experience of life.