Group therapy is one of the most naturalistic and therapeutic opportunities for interpersonal learning and for deepening one's understanding of relationships.  It acts as a unique representation in microcosm of the family, society, and civilization and therefore offers a chance to create change in oneself and in how one interacts with others that is unlike other therapy formats.   It provides a corrective environment that is both an adventure of self-exploration and a possibility for profound understanding of oneself in relation to humanity and humanity's relationship to oneself.   Group therapy can be a stimulating experience in combination with individual therapy, or it can stand on it's own as a unique and affordable alternative to one-on-one psychotherapy. 

I offer two therapy groups in my practice, please contact me with questions regarding membership opportunities or general interest in how groups might be helpful to you in your journey.

Process Group for New Clinicians & Graduate Level Students

As clinicians who are new to the practice of psychotherapy, we may not have had the opportunity to experience therapy for ourselves in our clinical training.  Typically this experiential aspect of the therapeutic dynamic is left up to us to seek out on our own.   Often times we don’t realize that we have unfinished business in our personal lives until it starts to show up in the therapeutic relationship with our clients.  Or perhaps we already understand what we are bringing into the room and would like to address it but are cautious about exposing ourselves; we are the therapists – aren’t we supposed to have it all figured out by now?  Or maybe we just want to gain a deeper understanding of the therapeutic process by experiencing things from the perspective of a client. 

Since we are the instrument and therapy is primarily about the relationship, this group will offer a unique opportunity for clinicians and graduate level students to become more aware of how they function interpersonally and how this may impact their therapeutic relationships in their clinical work and beyond.


  •      Offer a safe space to explore relational dynamics in a group setting
  •      Learn how one’s relational dynamics influence clinical work
  •      Experience the value of therapy as a client
  •      Understand the unique benefits of group therapy
  •      Develop an understanding of relational and experiential approaches to therapy
  •      Obtain hours toward licensure in PA for LPC, LCSW, and LMFT

This group may count toward your supervision hours for licensure in PA as it is has a professional development component.  The group aims to increase the clinician’s awareness of the following critical components necessary to becoming a successful therapist:

  • Understand the importance of self-care in preventing vicarious traumatization, burn-out, and compassion fatigue
  • Become aware of relational dynamics and the origin of those dynamics
  • Illuminate issues related to transference and countertransference 

FORMAT:  Weekly psychotherapy group, with a clinical/professional development component.  Members are asked to commit to this group for the length of 6 months or one semester with the option to continue.

Women's Process Group (All inclusive of Self-Identified Women)

  • Are you having a difficult time finding or maintaining satisfying relationships?
  • Do you want to discover what lies beneath unsatisfying relationship patterns and how to repair it?
  • Would you like to be a part of a safe, supportive environment to explore the nature of relationships? 


  •      Offer a safe space to explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences in the here-and-now
  •      Understand how past experiences can show up in present relationships
  •      Develop an ability to be more aware and in control of interpersonal interactions
  •      Feel empowered, validated, hopeful, and a sense of belonging
  •      Learn how individual growth can come from group connection and intimacy

Group focus includes interpersonal relationships, family, attachment patterns, self-worth, life direction, self-care, coping skills, intimacy, loss, and trauma. Connections built among group members offer a unique opportunity to bring awareness to how we function interpersonally, develop new ways of seeking/maintaining connection, and noticing what gets in the way.

FORMAT:  Long-term, weekly psychotherapy group, with the option of continuing.  Members are asked to commit for 9 months in order to obtain the most benefit.